Mobile Banking App Review - Deposit Checks from Home

Yesterday I was excited to learn both of my banks: Michigan State Federal Credit Union and Lake Trust Credit Union both have mobile applications!

MSU FCU mobile app vs. Lake Trust mobile app

MSU FCU mobile app feature summary:

Lake Trust mobile app feature summary:

Both mobile applications have a similar security setup: the app logs out quickly and requires answering security questions to log in and both mobile apps let you view account balances and transactions. The two differentiating features for me were MSU FCU's eDeposit and Lake Trust's location finder.

My favorite feature out of both of these applications was MSU's Electronic check deposit. This sounds intimidating, but if you use MSU FCU I highly recommend trying this feature. Between depositing at home and getting cash back from grocery store trips I won't need to visit ATMs anymore!

The mobile application walks you through the steps, but I recorded them here so you know what to expect:

  1. To start of your eDeposit, enter the amount, endorse the back of the check, and select the account for deposit like this:
    first eDeposit step
  2. Next take a photo of the front of the check. My first try at this I took it on a light colored carpet and got an error message stating the application couldn't verify the check. I tapped the handy information icon circled below to find out how to properly capture the check:
    mobile eDeposit help icon
  3.  This next picture shows a check that was accepted:
    correct eDeposit mobile capture
  4.  You then take a picture of the back of the check
  5. MSU FCU verifies the check, deposits the money in your account and displays a confirmation message"
    mobile eDeposit confirmation

The applications can be installed for both platforms:

iOS - MSU FCU, Lake Trust

Android - MSU FCU, Lake Trust